Check-in Asia Trends

Asia’s tourism and hospitality landscape is diversifying, and patterns of travel behaviour are fragmenting. Despite a proliferation of digital technologies, defining target markets and engaging consumers requires expert intelligence and contextual knowledge.

From our bases in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, the Check-in Asia Trends team constantly observes, monitors and assesses emerging consumer trends, destination marketing strategies and strategic plays by key tourism providers. The critical insights and detailed analysis we provide are invaluable for clients seeking to extend their influence in Asia’s dynamic travel, lifestyle and retail sectors.

Our key areas of expertise include:

Tourism Market Reports

Check-in Asia Trends is regularly commissioned to research, critique and provide context to the structural shifts in inbound, outbound and domestic tourism across Asia. From new flight networks and hospitality trends to governmental policies on tourism promotion and the potential impact of transport infrastructure development, Check-in Asia Trends keeps you fully briefed. Recent projects include:

  • Comprehensive analysis reports of the tourism economies of Japan, Myanmar and Malaysia.
  • Detailed reports on the changing trends in outbound travel from New Zealand and Australia, and South East Asia.

White Papers

We are regularly commissioned to manage and contribute to White Paper reports on forward-thinking issues, ranging from the polarization of Asian travel profiles to emerging challenges in the route to market in Asia. In 2017, Check-in Asia Trends will be producing our own bespoke mini White Papers on distinctive aspects of travel, tourism and hospitality in Asia.

Thought Leadership Content

Our team crafts thought leadership content for clients on a variety of topics, ranging from digital travel technology, hotel interior design and Asian tourism infrastructure development to hospitality opportunities in South Korea ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics and over-supply challenges in Bali’s hotel sector.

Specialist Chinese Travel Consulting

Travel providers worldwide are learning that Chinese visitors are hungry for original, inspiring experiences. Check-in Asia Trends has been tracking Chinese domestic, inbound and outbound travel for more than a decade. Published in 2014, The New Chinese Traveler: Business Opportunities from the Chinese Travel Revolution was the first insider account of the explosive growth in Chinese tourism, and we are regularly asked to prepare Op Eds, speeches and presentations addressing how China is transforming the global tourism landscape. In 2017, we will be producing a comprehensive new China Outbound Tourism report.

Destination Spotting

Our Trends team is always tracking new ‘hot spot’ destinations. We were researching Hangzhou as a MICE destination almost a decade before the city hosted the 2016 G20 Summit, and Tianjin long before it welcomed the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions. More recently, we checked out China’s hottest emerging city Chengdu before the glossy travel magazines took note, curating highly desirable destination stories, insider insights and itinerary planning for top travel markets around the world.

Our Clients

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