Check-in Asia is proud to be one of a select panel of contributors – including Cathay Pacific Airlines, AirBnB and the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines – for The Polarisation of Asian Travellers, a new tourism white paper.

Asia Pacific is currently the world’s largest travel market, and the number of those travelling has boomed and diversified. More significantly, attitudes towards travel have changed. Today, four out of five Asian travellers feel travel is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

The fast-changing nature of Asian travellers defies simplistic analysis

There is great diversity in who travels and how they travel. Fragmentation is one way to describe this, but it undermines the fact that people move across different occasions and that the ‘definition’ of their preferences needs flexibility.

Travel in Asia is thriving, and will continue to grow

A rapidly expanding emerging market middle class is sparking Asia’s aviation boom, and business travel is recovering.  This compelling new report introduces a new way of thinking about Asian travellers – going beyond standard segmentations to explore polarisations in behaviour and motivation.

The White Paper contents: Foreword, Executive Summary, Setting the Context, The Changing Travel Landscape, Emerging Travel Needs, Polarisation of the Asian Traveller, Meet the Traveller Types, Getting Future Ready, Closing Thoughts Methodology, and Contributors References.


Asian Travel Infographic

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