In December 2017, Check-in Asia’s Gary Bowerman was a guest Travel Analyst on CNN Business Traveller hosted by the inimitable Richard Quest.

The season finale edition of CNN Business Traveller focused on China, and the efforts of Chinese airlines to support soaring demand for leisure and business travel. Though mostly filmed in Shanghai, our slots were shot by the Hong Kong harbourside. Gary discussed China’s growing impact on global tourism, priority bilateral visa access and the Chinese government’s plan to produce and sell a home-built passenger jet to airlines at home and abroad.

Following our CNN TV appearance, Gary was interviewed by Singapore’s Straits Times in January 2018 for an article about the growth of Chinese tourist arrivals in the Lion City.

Check-in Asia has been analysing Chinese domestic and outbound travel for more than a decade, and in 2014 published The New Chinese Traveler: Business Opportunities from the Chinese Travel Revolution. The book “offers a wide range of insightful snapshots illustrating the multi-faceted reality of China’s outbound tourism, which has already changed the rules of global tourism and will continue to do so in the coming years,” said Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt, Director of the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute.

Shortly after the book’s publication, and in advance of the 2015 Spring Festival, we produced this article for Jing Daily: 10 Things We Learned From China’s October Golden Week.

In 2017, we co-wrote the Chinese Travel Consumer Report 2017-2018 for Eye for Travel. The report “features expert insights into China’s new economic realities and its evolving outbound and domestic tourism sectors. It also presents survey analysis of the travel motivations, destination choices and booking preferences of more than 2,000 consumers from across China.”

Along the way, we’ve also spoken at China Tourism events in London, Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou, been interviewed by print, radio and online media, and advised travel sector clients from across Asia and around the world on issues relating to China’s domestic and outbound travel revolution.

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