Counting the Asia Air Miles in 2017

Asia is the powerhouse of global tourism, accounting for 25% of total arrivals in 2017, and its influence continues to expand. So, after another hectic year, we’re counting the air miles. From Check-in Asia’s bases in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, we travelled region-wide to deliver content, marketing and intelligence projects. And, for the [...]

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10 Things We Love & Like Less About Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotel culture is close to Check-in Asia’s heart. We adore the histories, mysteries and architectural drama of heritage hotels as much as the design devilry of today’s towering palaces. We are lucky, too. Over the past decade we’ve stayed in, stress-tested and reviewed many of Asia’s finest residences. We’ve also researched their backstories, rewritten [...]

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10 Trending Takeaways in Asian Travel & Tourism

Aspirational Asian travellers are driving change across the global tourism industry. As the 2017 conference season draws to a close, Check-in Asia's Gary Bowerman assesses 10 trending topics in Asia's shifting travel landscape.  1) Entice the Dragon. China’s tourism juggernaut is transforming the travel sector from top to bottom. And not just because of its [...]

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Bringing Boutique Bliss to Asia

Check-in Asia was proud to work with US-based Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants on its Bringing Boutique Bliss to Asia announcement in October 2017. Kimpton announced its debut in Asia with three forthcoming hotels in China and Indonesia. Check-in Asia created destination highlights and hotel overviews for each of the three exciting new hotels and resorts in [...]

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How a Chinese Metropolis Entwines its Past into Modern Living

Check-in Asia’s Amy Fabris-Shi charts Hangzhou’s redefining 21st-century moments on her latest visit to China's soulful Lake City. At Check-in Asia, we’ve been analysing business and lifestyle developments in China’s cherished tourism city of Hangzhou for almost 15 years. During our numerous trips to this beguiling ‘Lake City,' we’ve curated guides to its most intriguing [...]

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Charting the Changing Expectations of Chinese Travellers

The 2017 October Golden Week re-confirmed that Chinese travellers are the hottest property in global travel. A new Chinese Travel Consumer Report, co-authored by Check-in Asia, explains why. Despite being a relatively new sector in China, a large, diversified and digitalised tourism industry is emerging. And its international impact is growing. Indeed, China is now considered the primary growth engine for tourism boards, [...]

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Fighting the Global Fatigue for Monotony of Experience

A new luxury hotel in Shanghai appeals to Chinese and international guests by creatively reimagining distinctive elements of local heritage, architecture and style, by Amy Fabris-Shi. Speaking to hoteliers in Shanghai in September, international trends forecaster Cécile Poignant from Trend Tablet discussed the rising global fatigue for Monotony of Experience. We could not agree more. [...]

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Checking the Pulse of China’s Tourism Ambitions

The global impact of Chinese tourism creates frequent headlines. As the week-long Chinese National Day holiday takes off, the world's media is moving into overdrive. One critical driver of China's travel revolution - central planning - often goes overlooked, however. Since the turn of the century, the Chinese government has carefully strategised the development of domestic and outbound travel. China views its travel sector as [...]

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The St. Regis Arrives in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur

Having unveiled its first luxury hotel in New York more than a century ago, St Regis now has nearly 40 properties worldwide – and two of its most recent openings have been in Check-in Asia's home cities. We cast our trained hotel reviewers' eyes around St Regis Kuala Lumpur for Forbes Travel Guide and St Regis [...]

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What’s Hot & Happening in Hangzhou?

Stories of Hangzhou inevitably talk about lakes, temples and tea. We've been  checking in to discover the fresh inspirations shaking up this cherished China destination. The underground music scene gets Loopy Yifei Shu studied classical piano as a child in Hangzhou and has a degree in fashion photography from London. He's now on a mission [...]

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